Shopping Dilemas

We were very excited when the popular Toronto Fashion blogger Louise from wanted to do a piece on the difficulty of finding the right jeans when you are tall or short. Louise being 5’1″ can relate to having trouble finding the right jeans for your body type. Whether you are short or tall shopping can have its challenges. Luckily she enlisted the help of her 5’11” roommate who was thrilled to model some great clothes from us !!! Thanks Louise !

Blog F word

Have you met Megan? She’s my old roommate. Oh and did I mention she’s 5’11?
We had an interesting would-you-rather debate: Would you rather be really short or tall?
To be honest, it’s not easy being either of them. Finding the perfect pair of pants is next to impossible. Being 5’1 is not exactly the ideal height for jeans! Ironically, tall people have their share of dilemmas too – clothing being too short. So then who wins in the end?
Well, there are now brands that have acknowledged our differences and offer pieces that cater to all body shapes and sizes. You don’t have to compromise on a bigger waist size for a longer length, or shop in the kids section for shorter pants (just kidding). With a little bit of research, you can find the right pieces for your body and save yourself a wardrobe malfunction.
Believe me, there is hope and they do exist! Happy shopping everyone!

Megan is wearing some great denim and tops from METHOD Boutique


My Clothing Metamorphosis

Alicia Jay Blog PicWe have all tried it at least once or twice.  A scrunch of the sleeve here, wear it a little lower on the waist there and it will work right?  No!  We are not supposed to camouflage our clothes; we are supposed to WEAR them.                                        We have been going through this ‘clothing metamorphosis’ our entire lives.  At 6’6” I was always a head and shoulder above the rest and seemed to grow out of clothes before I even put them on.  My mother resigned to dressing me in ‘boy clothes’ because there was simply not enough girls clothing to keep up with my long frame.  In high school it got worse because everybody got trendy.  How was I supposed to find clothing that was in if I couldn’t even find clothes that would fit?  I basically wore basketball attire to school and sculpted my wardrobe into an athletic look which worked, but was not how I fully wanted to express my style.  I think I just heard all of you agreeing with me in unison. It wasn’t until college that I realized that there were options out there that not only fit, but also enabled me to show the world who Alicia Jay was.  My ankles and wrists were fully covered and I had a plethora of pant options without crotches that hit the floor. Side note: I never understood the whole cut the crotch long thing in the pants…are you kidding me?  They obviously never fit the pants on an actual tall woman.  Let’s just add some extra inches EVERYWHERE and it should be fine right!? What ridiculousness!  I can’t tell you how much the proper fit changed my life.  For example, the first time I put on a pair of women’s jeans in a 38” inseam, I cried like a little tall baby.  The fact that I could wear heels and the pants were STILL long enough merited an emotional response.  No more boxy men’s cut and no more waiting for a flood moments = fashion bliss.  This blissful moment had to be shared and is exactly one of the reasons why I started  Ladies, if you haven’t experienced this, please do.  We all deserve to show off our shape, express our sense of fashion and strut our sexy, tall selves around in clothing that fits.  Thanks to retailers like the Method Boutique, we have more and more options arising every day.  It’s important to invest in tall pieces because it enhances the beautiful inches that God gave us.  We MUST dress our TallSWAG appropriately!

Alicia Jay

The Power Suit

The Power SuitSuiting

Every time I hear a suit referred to as a ‘Power Suit’ I smile for some reason. To think that a simple suit has the ability to project some sort of power – like a super hero. By definition the power suit is ; a conservative tailored suit worn by men or women to project a sense of self-confidence and authority.  The more I thought about it the more I realized that there is something to be said for the power suit. The name alone speaks volumes. You instantly think confidence and strength.   I started thinking about my own favorite black suit and had to admit that it is always my go-to piece when I need to make an impression. It is unbelievable that something as simple as what you wear affects your attitude and self-confidence. I realize that the way I dress relates directly to how I feel.  I basically knew that already but once I really started thinking about it – it was undeniable…… black suit really does have super powers.  Luckily for us the Power Suit has softened slightly over the years as styles have relaxed. I love incorporating a Shift Dress to help give it that feminine touch. There is definitely something to be said for an outfit that fits you perfectly and boosts your confidence. Now I just have to figure out how to turn my sweatpants into ‘Power Sweatpants’ for my lounge days !

METHOD Shift Dress $ 117.00, METHOD Black Blazer will be instore & online soon