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Our Guest Blogger 6’6 Alicia Jay from is rockin’ the new Orange Tie Dye Maxi dress. We think she looks absolutely fabulous….here is what she had to say:

I love me some tie-dye.  Wait.  Only if done right.  A head-to-toe suit, with tie-dye dress shoes is not acceptable. I actually saw that. True story.

One tall retailer who hit this trend in the exact RIGHT way is the Method Boutique.  Not only did they serve amazing tie-dye they delivered it in a maxi dress that hits the floor! Go ahead.  Get your happy dance on.  I was wearing 4″ heels and it still had some hang time.  I floated around all day.

This maxi is perfect for many summer occasions including being the hottest thing walking in a heat wave:) I was asked where I got it from women (and one man, get it sir) of every height.  It’s a definite show stopper.

The dress is so beautiful that I really didn’t need anything loud to go with it so I paired it with simple, yet striking frosting and a neutral clutch.

So…how are you rockin the tie-dye?

Photo credit: Brian J. Bowyer (YBowyer Photography)