One of the most essential foundations to any wardrobe is great-fitting basic jeans. These versatile closet superstars can be worn in tons of different outfits—from the most casual days with a white tee, to nights out with a sexy sheer blouse or blazer. The possibilities are endless!  Mavi is a brand that has been around since forever – It’s nice to see they’re still going strong. I really like their Summer 2013 styles for a very simple reason: they continue to show us great quality denim in up-to-date styles with super flattering fits.  Below are two of our must-have fits for every body type, along with the easiest-to-wear washes: standard blues (darker washes for dressier looks, lighter washes for daytime looks) and of course, basic black. MAVI continues to lead in the denim department by offering high priced denim combined with high quality fits without the high price tag ! Thanks MAVI !!

MAVI Molly Str big

MOLLY Straight leg:

These are a great halfway point between bootcuts and skinny jeans. MAVI nailed it with MOLLY. This style is a midrise with a great fit through the waist and hips. These straight leg jeans lengthen the look of the leg, especially when worn with heels! LOVE those long legs. We also love these with ballet flats. Just make sure the length of the inseam isn’t too short—you will loose the beautiful effect of the straight leg style. Jeans pictured above have a 36” inseam.

Mavi Alexa Lt Kensington big

ALEXA Skinny:

Contrary to popular belief, almost any body type can wear skinny jeans (even tall women!!!). Just pay attention to the fit, particularly the level of stretch. The ALEXA has the fit perfected. A midrise with no back gapping. Sleek yet comfortable through the hips and thighs. The high quality denim hugs the body for a slimming look. And picking a darker wash can also give the illusion of a slimmer leg. If you’re on the tall side, this jean is for you. Inseam is also super important when picking skinny jeans. You want the hem to hit at or slightly below the ankle—pulling off anything shorter will look like you are wearing a cropped skinny. No issues here – the MAVI skinny jeans above are a 36” inseam. Also comes in basic black.