TREND REPORT : The Pattern/Print Pant


Over the past years pants have predominantly been worn in solid or block colors. What’s more, they’d become something of a basic: frequently worn as a subtle item, while attention was focused on increasingly-detailed tops and jackets. Thanks to the styling choices of ladies like Rihanna and others they are working these lively patterns into their wardrobes through eye-popping print pants. So forget about your standard solid-colored trousers –it’s time to embrace pants with energetic bold patterns instead! Frankly, we’re a bit obsessed with these fabulously fresh pants, so if you’re feeling a little bold too, check out our great print pants all with 37” inseams !! Printed and patterned pants are bringing us a whole range of new wardrobe options.


The look of FALL 2013.

yj spruce big pic

Second’s Mid Rise Skinny Yoga Jean is an all-time favorite since we became the exclusive carrier of their denim in a 38” inseam.  We love this Canadian Brands midrise style because Yoga jeans have curved waistbands that fit the body better than standardized straight-lined patterns that are the norm in the denim industry.

yj coal big

The look of these jeans can be dressed up or casual depending on what you have planned. For an easy look on the weekend, tuck your skinny jeans into boots, and add a long fall tunic and a cross-body bag.  To dress up these skinny jeans, wear a gorgeous blouse, layer it with jewels or a statement necklace, a metallic clutch and high heels.Yoga jeans have a 4 way stretch and moves with your body (so much so the company sent dancers down the runway).  Yoga jeans also have a 92% shape memory so after a day of wearing the jeans, they still retain their fit. No saggy knees or bums ladies!

These are definitely on our ‘must-have’ list for this fall !


Tie Me up – from 6’6″ Alicia Jay

alicia1 alicia2

Our Guest Blogger 6’6 Alicia Jay from is rockin’ the new Orange Tie Dye Maxi dress. We think she looks absolutely fabulous….here is what she had to say:

I love me some tie-dye.  Wait.  Only if done right.  A head-to-toe suit, with tie-dye dress shoes is not acceptable. I actually saw that. True story.

One tall retailer who hit this trend in the exact RIGHT way is the Method Boutique.  Not only did they serve amazing tie-dye they delivered it in a maxi dress that hits the floor! Go ahead.  Get your happy dance on.  I was wearing 4″ heels and it still had some hang time.  I floated around all day.

This maxi is perfect for many summer occasions including being the hottest thing walking in a heat wave:) I was asked where I got it from women (and one man, get it sir) of every height.  It’s a definite show stopper.

The dress is so beautiful that I really didn’t need anything loud to go with it so I paired it with simple, yet striking frosting and a neutral clutch.

So…how are you rockin the tie-dye?

Photo credit: Brian J. Bowyer (YBowyer Photography)


6’5″ Carolyn Moos

Carolyn Moos Ambassador # 1001

Meet our new METHOD Ambassador Carolyn Moos. Carolyn stands an impressive 6’5” and is a former FIBA/WNBA Pro Player as well as a USA Basketball Gold Medal Jr Olympics, Brazil Champion. Now through her company Fitt4life Carolyn dedicates herself to nutrition for young athletes, yoga instruction, personal training and much more. We are happy to have Carolyn as part of our team. To learn more about her please check out her website at . Another tall women doing great things !


Summer MAVI jeans – Why we LOVE them


One of the most essential foundations to any wardrobe is great-fitting basic jeans. These versatile closet superstars can be worn in tons of different outfits—from the most casual days with a white tee, to nights out with a sexy sheer blouse or blazer. The possibilities are endless!  Mavi is a brand that has been around since forever – It’s nice to see they’re still going strong. I really like their Summer 2013 styles for a very simple reason: they continue to show us great quality denim in up-to-date styles with super flattering fits.  Below are two of our must-have fits for every body type, along with the easiest-to-wear washes: standard blues (darker washes for dressier looks, lighter washes for daytime looks) and of course, basic black. MAVI continues to lead in the denim department by offering high priced denim combined with high quality fits without the high price tag ! Thanks MAVI !!

MAVI Molly Str big

MOLLY Straight leg:

These are a great halfway point between bootcuts and skinny jeans. MAVI nailed it with MOLLY. This style is a midrise with a great fit through the waist and hips. These straight leg jeans lengthen the look of the leg, especially when worn with heels! LOVE those long legs. We also love these with ballet flats. Just make sure the length of the inseam isn’t too short—you will loose the beautiful effect of the straight leg style. Jeans pictured above have a 36” inseam.

Mavi Alexa Lt Kensington big

ALEXA Skinny:

Contrary to popular belief, almost any body type can wear skinny jeans (even tall women!!!). Just pay attention to the fit, particularly the level of stretch. The ALEXA has the fit perfected. A midrise with no back gapping. Sleek yet comfortable through the hips and thighs. The high quality denim hugs the body for a slimming look. And picking a darker wash can also give the illusion of a slimmer leg. If you’re on the tall side, this jean is for you. Inseam is also super important when picking skinny jeans. You want the hem to hit at or slightly below the ankle—pulling off anything shorter will look like you are wearing a cropped skinny. No issues here – the MAVI skinny jeans above are a 36” inseam. Also comes in basic black.

The Pieces with the Perfect Fit !


First up is the METHOD One Button Blazer, made out of gorgeously soft Ponte fabric, this blazer flatters in all the right places. Perfectly tailored through the waist with a beautifully cut collar, this blazer will do a lot of work for you ! Extra length in the body and 28” sleeves make this piece a tall woman’s dream. Worn with a simple white tank and the perfect light colored jean from MAVI. This outfit is a hit !


Who doesn’t love a Maxi skirt and no one wears them better than a tall woman. This classic striped maxi skirt is a must have piece for your summer wardrobe. It’s classic style is great for all body types, and we love the cut. Fitted through the hips with a beautiful silhouette. This skirt travels great and can be turned into a mini dress in an instant.

Marine Chino big

If you are looking for the perfect chino pant, look no further than the Frankie Chino. These are such a great fit, and come in 4 great colors.  Double buttons placed perfectly on the this waistband are super comfortable and look fantastic.  Nicely fitted through the hips and thighs, these 36” inseams pants are a  dream.

Style Icons

style icons

Wonder what a style icon is? A fashion freak, fashion victim or an actress? But style icons are much more then that. Style icons have the whole package: inspiration, personality, creativity and confidence. Style icons are true goddesses of fashion – style icons don’t follow the fashion trends, they create them.! Everyone has a style icon – someone whose outfits they covet and can’t help but say, “Oooh, I want that outfit they’re wearing!” every time you see them. We all pull our style inspirations from a variety of things, including those around us, be it a friend, colleague or celebrity. Nowadays reaching the level of a fashion icon means more than simply good style, it’s about attitude and how you wear it. Whether it’s a gorgeous LBD or the perfect pair of denim, the devil stands in the details, so personality is a must. Who is your favorite Style Icon?

Style Tips For Tall Women

If you’ve ever walked into a room, only to realize that: a) you easily tower over everyone including the men, and b) everyone else in the room seems to have noticed that fact, too, then you recognize that people take note of a tall woman. You may be tempted to ‘dress quietly’ to blend into the crowd, but who really wants to do that? Instead, make the most of the inevitable stares and “wow” them with the following styling tips:WEB SIZING smaller

  1. Wear Beautiful Shoes
    It’s the reaction other people have when they see your immense height and they have to check your feet immediately to determine whether you’re wearing heels. Fight the urge to yell, “Hey, there’s nothing to see down there!” by taking advantage of all the extra attention your feet receive. It doesn’t matter if you prefer heels, flats or running shoes, just choose beautiful shoes that deserve to be stared at and don’t fear heels.
  2. Use Oversized Accessories
    Don’t be afraid of carrying a giant bag or wearing thick arm bangles. Unlike your shorter friends, oversized accessories won’t make you look like you’re playing dress up with your mom’s clothes. Pair a thick belt with a shift dress or a big bag with a tank top and jeans. Just limit yourself to one oversized accessory per outfit in order to avoid looking clownish.
  3. Show Some Skin
    You’ve got a lot of skin on your long body, so you might as well use it to your advantage. The trick is to play it up. Focus on showing off one area at a time. For instance, if you wear a backless top, pair it with a longer skirt or jeans. This way you’ll grab attention without stopping hearts. Choose interesting necklines, pull your hair back, and wear necklaces or large earrings that attract the eye.
  4. Pair Narrow with Wide
    If you shy away from wide-legged pants or broad-shouldered jackets because you’re afraid that menswear will make you look, well, like a man, it’s time to revisit your thinking. If a runway model can pull off the look, then surely you can, too. To avoid looking “big,” just make sure you only wear one oversized item at a time. For a pulled-together look, wear wide-legged pants with a tight top, or pair an oversized jacket with skinny jeans.
  5. Think Bright
    Add a splash of color to your façade each day. Color adds interest to an outfit, and a woman wearing color exudes confidence. You don’t have to add much, just throw on a turquoise necklace with your brown jacket or wear red heels with your little black dress. Color can also draw attention to your favorite assets, so if you love your narrow waist, wear a bright belt.
  6. Find clothes that fit
    Avoid trying to pull off pants that are clearly too short or tops where the waist hits 3” above your natural waist. Besides the fact that it makes you totally uncomfortable always pulling and tugging…people can tell when the clothes do not fit you right. Source out clothes that fit you properly and boost your confidence.
  7. Play With Your Hair
    Tall women can wear any hair styles…short or long. Because hair grows back and can always be changed, enjoy experimenting and playing with different styles.
  8. Be a Drama Queen
    You may not want to play up the drama every day, but don’t shy away from the occasionally dramatic eyeliner or bright red lipstick. Tall women often feel self-conscious wearing trendy makeup because of the extra attention it draws. Even if you don’t think you could ever go out in public while wearing glitter eye shadow, get together with your girls and challenge yourself to try something new at least once a month.

Some items courtesy of  fittowrite